So as the Country went into a second lockdown on 18th December 2020 TADAA ensured that we were up and fully functional on our online platform to bring as many of our classes to our students as possible. 

Our online timetable throughout January, February and March was jammed packed with our usual musical theatre, dance and drama classes as well as two adults classes and two toddler classes. We hosted over 150 parties during the 3 month period including themes such as TikTok, just dance, Popstars dance, frozen, trolls, greatest showman, taskmaster and many more. We also held workshops including murder mystery, radio play and how to get into drama school. Additionally we ensured we ran new classes to bring new opportunities to our students such as music theory and group singing. TADAA ensured all children had the opportunity to perform should they want to with our older students learning about “Six The Musical” and “Grease” and our younger students learning about “Oliver” and “ Mary Poppins”.  Our drama students created their own murder mystery play and radio play all of which was filmed and performed on zoom. Thank you to all of our TADAA students old and new who turned up week in week out and joined in – it meant TADAA could stay afloat during the lockdown period in order to be a successful business once lockdown was finished! 

We are now so excited to announce we will be returning to face to face classes in line with the latest Government guidelines from Monday 19th April 2021. We cannot wait to see everyone!