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Child Protection at TADAA

We take the protection of our children very seriously at TADAA.

Child protection at TADAA is taken very seriously and as a school we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of every child and adult who attends our classes. TADAA provides a safe and secure environment ensuring children are protected from harm, abuse or maltreatment as well as taking action to enable all children and adults to have the best outcome.

The following are requirements that TADAA follows to ensure all students are appropriately safeguarded:

  • The principal and teachers hold enhanced DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service). Assistant’s and Instructor’s hold basic DBS checks.
  • There is a dedicated safeguarding officer for TADAA – this is the Principal.
  • Every TADAA session is overseen by a qualified first aider who also conducts regular risk assessments of the working environment.
  • The environment of each TADAA session is safe and appropriate in which students are valued and their right to be safe and respected is upheld.
  • Staff of TADAA are to work with other organisations where necessary when protecting and safeguarding children.

TADAA is also dedicated to using the following framework when holding lessons or sessions:

Empowerment: All students are encouraged to make their own decisions.

Prevention: Staff of TADAA are trained to see harm before it occurs and are dedicated to put preventative measures in place in class.

Proportionality: Staff of TADAA are in regular contact with parents and carers of students and will respond appropriately to the risk presented for the child. The best interest of the child is always paramount.

Protection: Students are to feel protected and safe in all TADAA sessions. Staff are to support any student who poses to be at risk by taking appropriate measures.

Partnership: All information passed to staff members by students is dealt with confidentially, however will be shared with parents and protective agencies when deemed necessary.


TADAA – keeping children safe.