Online performing arts classes through lockdown raise £350 for Queen Alexandra Hospital

Performing arts teacher Helen Wallis moved all of her classes and children’s parties online when it became clear they couldn’t happen in person – and voluntary contributions to sessions have raised £350 for the NHS.

Helen, from Bedhampton, presented a cheque to Queen Alexandra Hospital on Tuesday, to be used for the children’s wards which Helen visits along with Poppy from Trollz and Anna from Frozen.

The 36-year-old said: ‘I converted both my businesses to online – it’s difficult because no one had any money, including me, and we all had to try and make money somehow.

That’s why there was no pressure to pay for classes, but I made an agreement with myself to give a portion of what I took to the NHS.

‘It was because we usually visit the hospital once a month and we aren’t able to do that so I feel like I have still contributed to them. Contributing to the NHS is such a good thing to do anyway let alone during a pandemic.’

On VE Day, Helen put on a nostalgic gig on her driveway and people from her community came along to watch and donate money for the NHS.

Helen recently took over Waterlooville-based performing arts school TADAA, with hopes to open its doors on September 7.

She said: ‘Our lessons are all about confidence building, it’s all built around positive mental health. I’m really excited to get it going.’

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