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Welcome to the new fresh TADAA website as we start the new term for 2020. TADAA is opening its doors again on Monday 7th September 2020 following a 6 month lockdown period where classes were moved to the online platform Zoom. But now we are back and we can’t wait to get started and see all of our student’s old and new. We have spent weeks trawling through Government guidelines to ensure our classes comply with all COVID regulations and we are sure that our classes will be as safe as possible. With that in mind, please ensure your COVID declaration form has been electronically signed before attending a TADAA class.

We have a NEW additional school opening this week too, in Locks Heath which will mirror our Waterlooville school and we also welcome new staff to the TADAA team. Helen Wallis is now the new principal of TADAA – many existing students will know Helen, who has been teaching for TADAA for the last 4 years. Helen will remain as the musical theatre teacher in Waterlooville, the Drayton tots teacher and the Steps to Broadway teacher. We also welcome Katrina back as our drama teacher for both Waterlooville and Locks Heath. New to the team we have Nathalie Gunn who will be taking over all of TADAA’s private singing lessons, will be the musical theatre teacher for Locks Heath and the tots teacher for Locks Heath. Assisting our team we have Ethan Emery for Waterlooville and Kate Potter for Locks Heath. With all of our existing and new teachers, we are proud that TADAA has a wealth of talent, experience, knowledge and passion in our staff.

Alongside our fresh new website we also have a new database called Membermeister where all the TADAA student’s personal data is securely stored. By using a third party we can ensure that if TADAA property was lost or stolen, your details remain secure. Please make sure you keep all emergency contacts up to date and let us know of any medical conditions or allergies if you haven’t already. With this new database comes new payment methods. TADAA is now a completely cashless school, and as such staff will not take any monies handed to them at any time. Invoices will be sent on the 20th of each month for your child’s classes and you will have approximately 10 days to pay your invoice. If invoices are overdue your child will not be able to attend class until invoices are paid.

We have a new shop on the website now so you can order t-shirts and water bottles yourself direct from the website using the drop down options. We will be adding to our online shop in the next weeks and months to ensure all TADAA merchandise is easily accessible to student’s.

We cannot wait to see you all this week – we have really missed each and every one of you and cannot wait to get started with some exciting drama and musical theatre projects.