Inspector Bluetoes - Playscript


Humorous ‘Whodunnit?’ play for Junior School students.

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Every guest at the swanky party of billionaire racing car driver Gerald Buckle wants to see the back of him…and sure enough his body is found in the library, presumably dead! Thankfully, the super sleuth Inspector Bluetoes and his more-than-able assistant Cassidy Swatson are also in attendance, and are ready to grill each suspect as we delve into the past and uncover the mystery of the Buckle Billions!

This play offers the opportunity for Junior School students to explore the ‘Whodunnit?’ genre in this fun, humorous play. The content enables directors to explore ensemble work, and to use drama techniques to present ‘flashback’ scenes.

This play script includes cast costume descriptions, music cue sheet guide, hi-res cover image and props list.

Available as a digital download only.

Performance rights: The play script may be performed publicly in whole or in part up to 3 times within 2 years from the purchase of the script copy. Please check the full terms and conditions here before purchase.

Running time: Approx 30 minutes

Cast: 16 students, though this can be reduced by editing and removing ‘suspects’, and increased by adding non-speaking party guests.

Males/Females: All names and parts can be switched to either male or female characters.

Suitable Age Range: Age 9-12

Warning: Themes of murder and murder weapons are mentioned within the play.

Excerpt below is from the opening scene of the play as the characters introduce themselves to the audience.


…Lights come up on the semi-circle of suspicious-looking suspects with victim laying face-down in the centre.

The Mysterious Case of the Buckle Billions!
Lights move dramatically around the suspects much like a game show.


So, the party of Billionaire racing car driver Mr Buckle was FULL with people who had legitimate reasons for
wanting him dead. I just had to work out which of these potential murderers did it.
All the potential murderers in the circle strike a pose.


With the help of loyal friend and assistant super-sleuth Cassidy Swatson, always at his side.


So, let’s have a look at our suspects…
Each suspect stands and talks to the audience when it is their turn to speak. The detectives observe and take notes.

John-Paul Wheelnut

John-Paul Wheelnut. The best Racing Car Driver in the World! (Bitterly) Well, I was until Gerald Buckle
came along. Now its just silver medals and toilet cleaner commercials for me. And – he never pronounces
my name properly. It’s Wheel – nut! Not Walnut! The man is an idiot! Correction – the man was an idiot.

Florence Giltedge

Good evening darlings. My name is Florence Giltedge – the most beautiful girl in the world according to
‘Hiya’ magazine. I don’t get out of bed for less than £10,000 and I HATE Gerald Buckle for leaving me
stranded at the altar on our wedding day! Good riddance!

Reverend Timothy Giltedge

Bless you my children. Reverend Timothy Giltedge – Florence’s father. (seething but trying to hide it) Yes,
I was a touch disappointed with Gerald for leaving my little girl on her special day, but – murder? Me? A
man of the cloth? I don’t think so, do you?

Priscilla Percentage

He’s dead? Sorry, I can’t hear you; my hearing aid is on the blink. Dead? Gerald? That’s the best news I’ve
heard all week! What a terrible excuse for an actor! I just can’t stand having sports people on my books.
They’re as wooden as this stage! I was his agent by the way, Priscilla Percentage, at your service. I’ll work
hard for you, as long as I can have my share of the money!

Laurence Lendabuck

Need a loan? An overdraft? Perhaps an investment? Then Laurence Lendabuck, owner of Lendabucks bank
is your man. You can always trust me! Was I bothered when Gerald took his billions out of my bank and
invested them overseas? No! We have many rich business people who entrust us with their cash – he was
just one of many! (Laughs uncomfortably, when his phone rings. Shouts at the caller) Sell them, now buy
the other ones! Buy Buy Buy!


Copyright © 2015-2017 Bryony Rose de Vries

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